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Asthma treatment: Ventolin

Can you imagine something more pleasant than a breath of fresh air? We are all so used to it that we simply take it for granted without appreciating it they way it should be. And yet it is so vital for us – the air we breathe in ensures our body functions properly. However, there are people for whom breathing does not come so easy and they have great difficulties doing something that seems so simple for the rest of us. They are suffering from various breathing ailments and dysfunctions and need a professional medical help in order to be able to lead their life like the rest of us. What is so easy and obvious for us, turns into a luxury for them.

Breathing is an essential life function and in fact it is a sign that we are alive. In fact, it is so important that whenever there is something wrong with it, it may cause serious problems. Therefore, if people experience breathing difficulties, they should seek professional help as soon as possible. One of the best things that people with breathing difficulties can have is the Ventolin inhaler. The major function of the Ventolin inhaler is to help people with their breathing. When the chest is tightened and causes problems breathing and the inhaler opens up the tubes in people’s lungs and facilitates the breathing process.

Breathing problems frequently take the form of asthma and thousands of people are suffering from this condition around the world. Fortunately, however, there are a lot of reliable medications which relieve the symptoms of asthma, stop the spasms and make breathing easier. Ventolin is one of the most popular of them. However, although Ventolin can be bought without prescription, this is not recommended and a prior consultation with a doctor is advised in order to properly specify the symptoms, diagnose the condition and decide on the best treatment. The doctor will also be aware of any other condition patient may be suffering from, such as kidney or heart disease, which will also affect the treatment. He/she will also be able to say whether the patient is allergic to any ingredient of Ventolin and whether the drug will be safe in this particular case.

Ventolin is not that easy to find in local drugstores, especially in small towns. People with asthma usually buy Ventolin wholesale. There are so many Internet pharmacies which sell different drugs, which is very convenient since a patient doesn't even need to leave the house. They can simply order it on the Internet and wait for the delivery.

The most important thing in taking Ventolin, and other drugs as well, is choosing the appropriate dose. In order to do this, it is best to consult the doctor who will help to decide what dose will be the most effective in an individual case. If you are looking for some rough instructions about dosage, they are as follows:

1. Ventolin metered dose aerosol is intended for inhalation only.
2. Only a doctor can change the dose and frequency of using the medication.
3. It is not recommended to take Ventolin more than 4 times a day. If a patient requires frequent use of Ventolin at the highest dose, it means the illness is getting worse.
4. A recommended dosage of an adult patient is 100-200 micrograms for 1-2 inhalations.
5. One should reduce the dose slowly and gradually because a sudden pause may cause serious health problems.
6. Children should take a lower dose suggested by the doctor.
7. The effect of Ventolin starts within 5 minutes and lasts for 4-6 hours.
8. One shouldn’t use this medication for a long lime because it may cause addiction.
9. A patient has to be able to use it properly. If they don’t know how to do it, doctors should help them to learn it as quickly as possible.
10. Don’t follow the information in the instruction sold together with Ventolin. Doses mentioned there are not appropriate for everyone and they have to be decided individually.

There are also side effects that may appear because of people's usage of the Ventolin inhalers. The side effects of the Ventolin inhalers include the irritation of the throat, nausea and in some cases may even cause people to experience cramps in their muscles.

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